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Do you want to be apart of the RMAC leadership team? or maybe, you would like to help us host an event? Is there a philanthropy event you want to help us support? Whatever the reason, please contact us using the form below or by e-mailing We love hearing how are members want to be involved through RMAC.

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Please contact us using the form or by e-mailing We want to hear from you!

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Available RMAC Leadership Positions

Vice President of Communications

Primary Duties:

  • Record minutes of business meetings and keep permanent record
  • Produces a chapter roster with telephone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses for distribution
  • Sends monthly newsletter to all women in alumnae membership listing
  • Submits pictures and articles to Sigma Kappa Triangle

Panhellenic Delegate

  • Represents Sigma Kappa at Alumnae Panhellenic meetings and events
  • Accepts and completes committee tasks and assignments given by alumnae Panhellenic
  • Presents a report of Panhellenic events at each Sigma Kappa meeting and reports appropriate Sigma Kappa events back to the Alumnae Panhellenic